You have landed at the Home of Eclectic Preservation. This site is dedicated to people and real-estate professionals who love historic homes and want to help others understand the value of history.

What is a historic home? Most preservation offices deem a home “historic” if it is 50 years or older. Even when a home is not on The National Register of Historic Places, if it meets this definition, it may still have historic value.

As an organization, Eclectic Preservation trains Realtors and other real estate professionals (appraisers, contractors, and lenders) to recognize and capitalize on the value of historic properties.  The Historic Certified Real Estate Professional (a mouth full) program has four simple goals as follows:

  • To educate real estate professionals on the nuts and bolts of working with a home on the National Register, why that is important, and many misconceptions about what can and cannot be done with a property that is listed on the National Register.
  • To help real estate professionals set themselves apart from the others and enable the homeowners to seek out Historic Certified Real Estate Professionals, knowing that these professionals understand the VALUE of history and preservation.
  • To equip real estate professionals with the tools they need to deliver the greenest “green building” message, “The Green Myth Revisited” while understanding the economics behind it.
  • Help certified professionals instill a sense of stewardship for historic homes within their own communities.